25 July 2016

Troops In Transit

From The Glasgow Herald on this day in 1945:


To Sail From Southampton

Southampton has been designated a port of embarkation for troops being re-deployed to the United States, said a U.S. Army announcement yesterday. Transatlantic liners, including the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mary, are expected to dock there by mid-August, when the port will absorb virtually all the U.S. Army's shipping and re-deployment from the United Kingdom. Troops now leave by way of Scotland.

Southampton will have three staging areas capable of handling more than 33,000 troops at one time. All these troops will be in transit, stopping in the United Kingdom for only a few days en route to the United States. They will be at Tidworth, where more than 16,000 can be accommodated; Barton Stacey, near Crawley (about 7400 troops); and Southampton (10,000). Officials estimate they will be able to load one of the largest ships in approximately 48 hours.

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  1. I wrote about his little-known history in my novel Fatal Return.