10 February 2013

Shine A Light

Warning Beam for the "Queen Mary"

A new safety measure for the "Queen Mary" is being experimented with in Messrs. John Brown's shipyard at Clydebank, and if the tests are successful the liner will have a powerful light beam connected with the ship's wireless system which will form an arc extending for four miles in the direction the "Queen Mary" is steaming. Any obstacle, such as an iceberg or wreck, will break this beam, and an officer in the charthouse will receive a warning flash. The liner's course can then be immediately changed.

In the "Queen Mary" is a miniature broadcasting house equipped with transmitting and receiving apparatus unequalled in any ship afloat. Incidents in the liner on her first voyage will be broadcast to stations in England and America, and relayed to millions of listeners.

- The Daily News, Perth, Western Australia, February 10, 1936

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