02 January 2013

Churchill's Favorite Office

Queen Mary Heads Into Bad Weather

Churchill Works In Cabin on Memoirs

Aboard the Queen Mary, Jan. 2 (U.P.) --This giant ocean liner taking Prime Minister Churchill to see President-elect Eisenhower ran toward heavy weather in mid-Atlantic today.

Though the seas calmed a bit today storms are expected ahead and guide ropes were strung on decks and in lounges to help passengers keep their feet.

A number of people are seasick already--but sturdy 78-year-old Churchill took it in his stride.

This morning he breakfasted on a grilled Dover sole, then worked in his cabin on the last volume of his memoirs, dictating to a relay of secretaries. At noon a barber went to his suite to trim his white hair.

He interrupted his work to go to the bridge to chat with the Queen Mary's master, Capt. Ivor Thompson.

The liner was plowing steadily westward at 27 knots today. If she keeps her schedule in the heavy weather ahead, she will dock in New York Monday.

Churchill is expected to see Eisenhower Tuesday.

Churchill had welcomed the New Year with a pledge of closer British-American ties. He joined in the New Year's Eve festivities, but lost no time getting back to work.

- Reading Eagle, Reading, PA, January 2, 1953


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