28 December 2012

Practically Fireproof


Gas is to be used for fire-fighting in the Cunard White Star liner Queen Mary, now fitting out at Clydebank. Equipment will be installed which will admit freezing blasts, rendering the atmosphere so cold that the fiercest flames will be quelled instantly. Weighing 200cwt. each, 300 gas-filled cylinders will be shipped, and the apparatus will be used in conjunction with the ordinary fire-fighting equipment. There will be two main fire stations. By flicking a lever when an automatic alarm sounds, the fire-freezing gas will sweep into the affected spaces, forming clouds which will isolate and prevent fire from spreading. The gas, which will make the giant liner practically fireproof, is harmless says the "Sunday Times", and will be conveyed through a pipe system leading into the remotest corners of the ship.

- The Argus, Melbourne, Victoria, December 28, 1935


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