19 December 2012

Just Wait

Challenge to Liners

In a radio talk from Berlin a German speaker invited the owners of the liners Queen Mary and the Normandie to send them to sea to prove whether the German Navy is powerless and whether Britain has full command of the seas.

This picturesque challenge is unlikely to be accepted. Convoys continue to cross the Atlantic in safety, but the two liners are hardly suitable for such work. Built as luxury liners to carry the maximum number of passengers, their cargo space is small. There are no large expeditionary forces of Canadian or American troops to be ferried over as in the last war, and there seems to be no point in risking these valuable ships to a U-boat attack.

They are safer in New York berths than they would be if laid up at Liverpool or Cherbourg.

- The Courier-Mail, Brisbane, Qld., December 19, 1939


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