09 November 2012

SOS in Heavy Seas

Reported this day in 1936:


News was received in London last night that the liner Queen Mary was racing through heavy seas to the assistance of the German motorship Isis, which earlier in the day had sent out an S O S when about 200 miles off Land's End.

The messages, received at the Land's End wireless station, were as follows:--
Following received from Isis--"6 p.m., G.M.T. S O S 49.54 North, 11.09 West." 
Following received from Dutch tug Witte Zee--"6.26 p.m. G.M.T. Motor vessel Isis hatch No. 1 stove in. Preparing lifeboats to leave vessel if necessary. 'Castle head already under water."
The Isis (4454 tons gross) is owned by the Hamburg-Amerika Line, Hamburg, and left Hamburg for New York on November 3.

It was not known how far from the Isis the liner was, but it was stated that the Queen Mary had turned from her course to go to her assistance.

Earlier in the day the Queen Mary reported that she was encountering heavy seas in a gale estimated at over 60 miles an hour. She is making for Cherbourg, and is due at Southampton this afternoon.

Late last night it was feared that the Isis may have sunk, as the Red Star liner Westernland wirelessed that she had reached the place indicated by the Isis in her distress call, but could find no sign of her anywhere. The liner proceeded to search for any lifeboat.

- The Glasgow Herald


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