22 October 2012

A War Story

On this day in the history of the R. M. S. Queen Mary:

Sir Winston Churchill and Captain James Bisset

Churchill Planned Death, Says Skipper

Hobart, Tasmania, Oct. 22 (AP) -- Sir James Bisset, former captain of the liner Queen Mary, says Winston Churchill planned his own death during the war rather than risk falling into enemy hands.

In a speech at Launceston last night, Bisset said he was responsible for the safety of Britain's wartime prime minister on three voyages on the Queen Mary.

Always, he said, a special lifeboat crew was standing by to take Churchill should the liner be sunk. In addition a man stood by with a loaded pistol to shoot Churchill should his capture by the Germans seem imminent, Bisset said.

(In London, Churchill's secretary said Churchill had heard of Bisset's speech but had "no comment at all.")

- Spokane Daily Chronicle

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