13 June 2012

Make Way for the Boring-Out Squad

Reported this day in 1934:



Well over the 4,000 mark and increasing daily is the figure of employed persons in Messrs. John Brown and Company's shipyard at Clydebank, where work on the Cunarder and other contracts on hand is gradually but surely reducing the total of unemployed in the district.

This present figure of employed, when compared with the thousand or so who were employed in the yard two months ago, shows that work must be progressing at high speed on No. 534.

Only a few plates at the bow of the vessel remain to be finished, the stern having just been completed. Gear preparations have now been made at the stern of the liner for the boring out squad and, within the past few days, many engineers have been re-started.

When this boring-out work on the brackets for the propeller shafts commences, night and day shifts will be employed, as it is necessary to work continually on this task during the coming few months that remain before the launching date.

Other work, which is at present employing at large and busy squad, is the laying and preparing of the launching-ways by the carpenters, while the expensive and continuous work of dredging the firm's dock where the giant will lie after being launched, is also being carried out.

- Nottingham Evening Post

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