23 May 2012

This Bell Is Finished Ringing

On this day in 1935: 


Sir Thomas Bell Retires

The managing director of Clydebank's Admiralty shipyard (Sir Thomas Bell) has announced his retirement, says a message from London. He has supervised the building of many of the greatest ships afloat, of which the Queen Mary, which was launched recently, is probably the most outstanding. Among the other vessels he has built in the past 26 years are H.M.S. Hood, the Empress of Britain, the Duchess of York, and the Aquitania. Now that he has finished with shipbuilding, he will spend most of his time in the garden of his new home, which overlooks the Firth of Clyde. The story of Sir Thomas Bell's life is one of several articles dealing with the latest developments in the world's shipping, which appear in "The Express and Journal" this week. Copies will be on sale everywhere tomorrow.                         - The Adverstiser, Adelaide, SA

Photo credit: Helensburgh Heroes

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