17 January 2012

A Woman's Mind

From The West Australian (Perth) on this day in 1935:


Lady Essendon, wife of the chairman of the Furness Withy Line, and Mrs. Fred Bates, wife of a director of the Cunard White Star concern, played the final part in choosing the fittings and decorations for the cabins of the great new ship Queen Mary.

They travelled to Clydebank for this purpose, and they were shown 16 model cabins, built months ago in a loft near the berth of the half-finished vessel, in which experts had been trying schemes of furnishing and decoration.

Gold-coloured tapestry, with Pullman beds, is the predominating scheme of the first-class cabins. The tourist cabins will be predominantly gold, with a diamond pattern, and the third class cabins, stated to be equal to second-class cabins in any other line now operating, will be carried out in a scheme of cream enamel.

The company thought that a woman's mind would frequently notice things the most expert men might miss, and hence these ladies were asked to give final approval to the plans.

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