21 January 2012

Gargoyle D.T.E.

On this day in 1936:


The eyes of the world will be on the "Queen Mary" when she makes her maiden voyage May next. Her main propelling machinery, consisting of four enormous steam turbines generating 200,000 h.p., calls for the world's best lubrication and leading Oil Companies have been vying with one another for the prestige of lubricating turbines of this mammoth vessel. The palm has at last been awarded.

A recent issue of "Engineering," the leading British authority on engineering matters, refers to the lubrication of the "Queen Mary" in this paragraph:
"Messrs the Vacuum Oil Company Ltd., Caxton House, Westminster, London, S.W. 1., has just received an order from Messrs Cunard White Star Ltd. for the whole of the lubricating oil requirements for the main propelling machinery of the liner, "Queen Mary". The first delivery of over 20,000 gallons for the initial requirements will be made on December 23rd."
Gargoyle D.T.E. oil supplied to the "Queen Mary" is of the same type as that used in the "Normandie," "Europa," "Bremen," "Majestic," and "Empress of Britain." This oil is also used very extensively in vessels plying on the Australian waterfront and in many other important industries.

Source: Burra Record (South Australia)

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