18 April 2011

Queen Mary in...Norway?

This week in the history of the R. M. S. Queen Mary:

Docking at Cherbourg

On this voyage to New York the Queen Mary due early Monday afternoon docked at Cherbourg during her call there. Heretofore she has anchored inside the breakwater and passengers have boarded from a tender. From now on all express steamers of Cunard White Star will be berthed at the new Cherbourg pier. Trains run down to the boatside, adding to the convenience of embarkation.

The new quay at Cherbourg is approximately 2,000 feet long and about 450 feet in depth. It is double decked. Four railroad tracks run through it so that four separate trains can be accommodated at one time. Motor cars can also be driven right up to the gangways on the motor runway which leads right into the shed.
- The Montreal Gazette, April 17, 1937

Queen Mary Takes Troops to Norway

DES MOINES--(U.P.)--Col. Frank Knox, publisher of the Chicago Daily News, said last night in an interview that he had received information through private sources that the British luxury liner Queen Mary had been loaded with Canadian troops and embarked several days ago from Halifax harbor for Norway.

"By now," he said, "it must be very near Norway."

Knox was here to address the Des Moines Economic club. He did not enlarge upon his statement but reiterated that a German victory in the current war "would mean our involvement right off."
- St. Petersburg Times, April 18, 1940

Fast Trip by Queen

NEW YORK, April 22 (AP).--The Queen Mary Friday completed her fastest post-war west-bound voyage with a time of four days, 14 hours and 57 minutes, beating the record of last June by 51 minutes. April 19 she steamed 743 miles averaging 29.43 knots. Her average speed was 28.44 knots. Her pre-war record of three days, 21 hours and 48 minutes at a speed of 30.90 is the world's fastest.
- Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, April 22, 1950

Film star Corinne Calvet has sailed for Europe from America with her four-year-old son, her pet poodle, and 12 pieces of baggage, forsaking Hollywood "for ever" after 12 years, 17 films--and two husbands.

"I'm going to write and [sic] expose called 'My 12 years in Hollywood,'" she said as she left New York on board the Queen Mary.
- Evening Times, April 21, 1960


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