07 January 2011

Winston On Board

This week in the history of the R. M. S. Queen Mary:

The Glasgow Herald reported this week in 1937 on the overhaul of the Queen Mary:
One of the most interesting phases of the reconditioning...now in progress at Southampton is the installation of smoke washers in each of the liner's three funnels. The tendency of little black spots of soot to fall from the funnels onto the after part is common to all ships whatever size, but it is hoped that by these smoke washers these will be obviated on the Queen Mary.
On January 2, 1940, The Windsor Daily Star offered commentary on the newly camouflaged Queen Mary:
The Normandie and Queen Mary have been lying at adjoining piers in New York harbor since the war ended ordinary navigation. The Normandie is still in her usual black with three towering red and black funnels. The Queen Mary is a dull grey, her name being almost obliterated by the paint...Looking at the two ships the Normandie seems so much bigger. And, with the grey-coated Mauretania on the other side of the pier, the "Maury" looks like a yacht in size compared to the two larger craft.

The Ottawa Citizen announced the arrival of British prime minister, Winston Churchill, in the United States on January 2, 1952:
Winston Churchill stepped from the liner Queen Mary to a coast guard cutter in New York harbor today to hasten his landing for a meeting in Washington with President Truman. As Churchill stepped from the big Cunard liner to the cutter Navesink, a gray drizzle gave way to bright sunshine. A British flag was hoisted on the Navesink in tribute to the visitor. Churchill jovially waved to crowds lining the rail of the Queen Mary after he boarded the smaller ship.
And the Palm Beach Daily News printed among its society notices on January 4, 1962:
Mrs. Paul Healy who has been coming to Palm Beach for many seasons, arrived at her apartment at the Everglades Club in time to have a small party...on New Year's Eve. As is her usual custom Mrs. Healy left early in June from New York aboard the Queen Mary for London where she spent two months at Hotel Claridge. During her stay in London she attended a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

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