10 December 2010

Scotland Yard On Board

From the Ottawa Citizen this week in 1938:

"Queen Mary" Searched For Yugoslav Terrorists

Scotland Yard Officers Board Liner To Check Reports Assassins Sworn To Kill Regent of Yugoslavia Were Aboard. But Find None.

Plymouth, England, Dec. 7, - Special Scotland Yard officers boarded the liner Queen Mary today as she rode at anchor off Plymouth and checked reports that terrorists sworn to kill Prince Regent Paul of Yugoslavia were aboard.

The inspectors examined credentials of passengers scheduled to land in England, but it was understood no suspicious persons were found. The Yugoslav regent left London for Paris yesterday under extraordinary Scotland Yard protection. It was denied he left because of published reports Croatian terrorists were coming from New York too "get" him.

While Scotland Yard men were aboard the weather became so rough the tender lines snapped and the Queen Mary proceeded toward Southampton without disembarking 250 passengers from New York and unloading 2,000 bags of mail.

Only two passengers got on the tender before the lines broke. Sir Ronald Lindsay, British embassador to the United States, was among those forced to continue to Southampton.

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