20 October 2010

Super Model

From The Southeast Missourian on this day in 1936:

Queen Mary Model On Exhibit

A 4 1/2-foot illuminated model of the Queen Mary steamship will be at the travel booth in the basement of Academic Hall during the Southeast Missouri Teachers Meeting, where people may go for information in regard to trips all over the world. It is hoped that a model of the Normandie will be available also.

Representatives of the Canadian Pacific and United States Lines, will be on hand to discuss tours to Alaska, and various winter tours of all kinds.

A representative of the American Express Company will be on hand to answer questions and explain details of DeLuxe tours to all parts of the United States, Canada and Mexico. Questions and requests for literature about the various tours entail no obligation.

Anyone wishing a personal interview with any of these men may arrange for it by calling Mrs. B. C. Hardesty, telephone 858J. --Adv.

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