19 October 2010

From The Glasgow Herald on this day in 1961:

Future Traffic

The abandonment of the Q 3, on which Cunard have been working hard this year and on which the major shipbuilding firms have spent months of intensive effort, seems too drastic a decision to be taken as a result of one bad year on the Atlantic. It may be that more time is now required to reach a surer assessment of the future of passenger liner traffic.

If the Queen Mary is not replaced in 1965, when she is due to be withdrawn and scrapped, the weekly service between Southampton and New York, maintained by her and the Queen Elizabeth, would have to be abandoned. The alternative of a smaller, slower and less expensive ship would mean a major change in Cunard policy.

A small ship would leave this hitherto valuable dollar-earning field to the 70,000-ton French liner France, which is to come into service next year. Only the Queen liners and the 52,500-ton liner United States will match her for speed.

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