12 October 2010

From The Age on this day in 1946:


Record Number

The record number of 1075 stowaways tried to enter the United States between July 1, 1945, and August 30, 1946.

The illegal immigrants came from every country, with Britain, France, Italy and Spain leading. Five per cent of the arrivals were women.

The law holds that shipping companies are responsible for the return of stowaways, so that the companies now put posters on docks, piers and in the crews' quarters warning that stowaways will be prosecuted.

Ten who were found recently on the liner Queen Mary, in one trip spent a day in gaol at New York, and were sentenced to 30 days' imprisonment in England.

Sympathetic members of the crew tried to smuggle some women and children ashore. Returning servicemen brought their fiancees and "orphan" mascots.

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