04 October 2010

Comfort In All Classes

From an advertisement in The Pittsburgh Press on this day in 1936:



* for as little as $167.50 Round Trip (ocean passage)

in as few as 12 days

You've read about, thought about, dreamed about a trip in the Queen Mary. . .admired her vast size and beauty. . .envied the round of pleasures that goes on aboard her every hour of the sunny days and flood-lit nights. Well, make that dream come true. . .now! Forget summer's hectic commuting. . .or those June reservations that you couldn't get. . .or that vacation that missed fire. Take 12 days or three weeks or 27 days and let yourself go. . .indulge yourself! You'll enjoy the Queen Mary at her best. . .and see Europe at its most brilliant season. There, too, the old-world capitals are livelier. . .Londoners and Parisians are back from beach and mountains. . .the gayest night-clubs have re-opened and Mayfair and Montmarte are ablaze with light and color!

Let your own budget decide the question of cost! Even as the Queen Mary's speed makes the trip possible in the time you would take for an ordinary vacation 12 days, including two days in London or Paris. . .so the ultra-modern comfort she offers in all classes gives you the whole wide price range to choose from. You've heard enough about the splendor of Queen Mary Cabin Class. . .naturally if you want the very most out of your time off, that's the way you will go. But truly an amazing feature of this superliner is the comfort and beauty of her lower-priced accommodations. Tourist Class has its own resplendent swimming pool. . .private bath with some rooms. . .private toilets with almost all of its staterooms. . .lavish and yet pleasantly informal luxury throughout its spacious lounges. And there's still more to surprise you. . .

*THE NEW THIRD CLASS OF THE QUEEN MARY is truly a revelation! At the all-season, round-trip rate of $167.50, it answers the new, young and thoroughly American urge to be both smart and thrifty. You'll always find congenial companions and ample diversions in the Queen Mary's Third Class Garden Lounge, the Smoking Room, the Cocktail Bar. The charming Children's Playroom attests the fact that this is the new economy way to Europe for all the family. Go Cabin if you can, of course. But if money matters, make your dreams come true in Tourist or Third Class!

Make the dream last, too, as long as you can. The 12-day round trip gives you two days in Paris or London. . .but once you're abroad at this glorious time of year, you'll want to go farther. You'll want to see the Alps when autumn has painted them gold and red. . .to visit the Rhineland in vintage time. . .to enjoy Brussels and old Amsterdam when the sun is mild and shops and streets are picturesquely thronged. With a little more time you can do all this. . .study the plans outlined on this page and send in the coupon!

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