06 October 2010


From the Sarasota Herald-Tribune on this day in 1935:

Air Conditioning For Big Steamer

The "Queen Mary" will manufacture her own weather as she crosses the Atlantic, it is revealed by the Cunard White Star Line, according to word received by the Francke Travel bureau of Sarasota. The "weather" which will be manufactured, however, will be below decks in the passenger accommodations.

While air-conditioning has already been applied to one room in each of several ships, the system which is being installed in the "Queen Mary" will be the first in which the principle will be more generally applied. Passengers will be able to control personally the temperature of their staterooms by means of the system which provides separate supplies of warm and cool fresh air to each room.

The air in dining rooms and lounges will be kept constantly at any desired degree of heat or coolness, dryness or humidity, according to weather conditions outside. It will be one of the most elaborate air-conditioning systems in use anywhere.

The passengers will be able to dine, to lounge, to dance and to sleep in the sparkling air and an atmosphere as clean and as bracing as that of the Adirondack mountains.

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