07 September 2010

You Won't See Me

From The Rock Hill Herald on this day in 1939:

Liner Queen Mary Is Camouflaged For Reported Dash Home

New York, Sept. 7. (AP) - A swarm of workmen daubed gray camouflage paint over red and black stacks of the British liner Queen Mary today giving rise to a belief she is being readied for a dash through the submarine infested Atlantic for a home port.

Officials of the Cunard White Star Lines said the world's largest ship was not going to sail. They said however the ship now is in command of the admiralty. They said they did not know what it planned.

Still tied up to her dock here is the French line's Normandie, the world's fastest ship.

Expected in New York today was the French liner Ile de France carrying more than 1,000 passengers.

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