04 September 2010


From the Kentucky New Era on this day in 1939:

New York, Sept. 4.-(AP)-The $25,000,000 British liner Queen Mary reached New York safely today with a record list of 2,331 passengers after a swift voyage through North Atlantic waters made perilous by prowling sea raiders.

The giant ship was at sea when war was declared.

On board were J. P. Morgan and hundreds of other American war refugees, happy to escape the fate of their fellow countrymen on the British ship Athenia, torpedoed and sunk off Scotland.

Passengers, among them Percival Wilde, playwright, of Sharon, Conn. said the Queen Mary avoided the regular trans-Atlantic steamship lanes, running about 400 miles north and following a zig-zag course after leaving Cherbourg. The best day's run, Wilde said, was 711 miles.

Stores in the Queen Mary's hold were 810 boxes of gold, valued at $44,550,000.

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