20 August 2010

Suitably Astounded

From The Glasgow Herald on this day in 1947:

The Dollar Earners

A colleague who had not seen the liner Queen Mary since the day she slid down into the Clyde from John Brown's yard went on board her yesterday at Southampton. He was prepared to be suitably astounded at the vastness of everything inside. "But the first thing that happened," he reports, "was that I was ushered into a high-speed lift which ascended four storeys, and from the number of buttons I gathered that it professed to serve 11 different levels. After that I refused to believe any of it."

The liner sails to-morrow, and squads of workmen were busy applying the final decorative touches that had to be left over when she made her first trip since refitting three weeks ago. An unofficial estimate is that on her first round trip the Queen Mary earned for Britain $300,000. If that estimate is reliable it would seem that the two queens of the Atlantic are justifying themselves to an extent that even their most optimistic sponsors did not envisage when they were laid down.


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