14 August 2010

Nice Try

From an article entitled "Queen Mary Searched For Drugs Smuggler" in The Montreal Gazette in 1936:

New York - After boarding the outward-bound Cunard White Star liner Queen Mary in a fruitless search for an accused narcotics smuggler and causing the big liner to slow down as she slipped out of port Wednesday afternoon, federal authorities located their quarry, Marie Wendt, 25-year-old Eurasian, that night as she was about to board the liner Deutschland at its pier here.

In the search for the young woman, the United States Coast Guard cutter Hudson, with Special Agent Gregory O'Keefe, in charge of the customs narcotics squad, followed the Queen Mary after she left her pier downstream form the Statue of Liberty to St. George, S.I.

There the big liner was slowed down to between five and six knots while O'Keefe and his party went aboard. They spent 10 minutes on the Queen Mary and left her off Fort Wadsworth.

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