25 August 2010

England Through A Porthole

From The Milwaukee Journal on this day in 1953:

Stowaway Back; Only Got Look at English Channel

New York, N. Y. - (UP) - A stowaway who hoped to swim the English Channel--but had to settle for a view of it through a porthole--returned Tuesday aboard the Queen Mary.

Wallace Warren Smith, 24, from Portage, Wis., said he had a pretty good trip nonetheless and even won a prize, a bottle of champagne, in a tourist class dance.

He said he walked New York docks for two weeks trying to get a job that would take him aboard and finally stowed away on the Queen Mary on her last trip here. He said he wouldn't reveal how because he wanted "to protect the Cunard line."

He was discovered when the ship was 18 hours out, and was allowed to move about in the tourist section of the ship. He was not allowed to land in England and came back on the return trip.

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