01 July 2010

Movie Queen

From the "Hollywood" column of The Pittsburgh Press on this day in 1936:

On an entire sound stage there is built a reproduction of many sections of the steamship "Queen Mary." There is the gangplank, an upper deck, a lower deck, the smokestacks, etc. It is being used in the flicker "Dodsworth" when the Dodsworth-Ruth Chatterton and Walter Huston get started on that trip to Europe.

The "Queen Mary" is an important actress in the flicker. H. C. Potter and a cameraman went to New York for the arrival of the "Queen Mary," and with permission, took reels and reels of film. They have pictures of the "Queen Mary" with passengers boarding the boat, of baggage being hoisted on board; of the "Queen Mary" actually getting underway for the return trip to England.

When Chatterton and Huston sail on the "Queen Mary" in "Dodsworth," you will actually see the "Queen Mary" sailing and a grand job of mixing studio scenes with the real thing.

However, there is one difference between the "Queen Mary" and the studio's reproduction. The large ventilators on the "Queen Mary" are round and on the production they are square. The studio believes that squared they give the boat a better appearance. Leave it to the movies to improve the "Queen Mary."

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