08 July 2010

40,000 Meals

From The Montreal Gazette on this day in 1935:

Plenty of Food

As many as 40,000 meals will be served on transatlantic voyages of the Queen Mary, new Cunard White Star superliner being completed at Clydebank. Most of these meals will be served in the main dining saloon, which extends the entire width of the ship, and has a seating capacity of 850 persons. A staff of about 700 cooks, waiters, stewards, stewardesses and their service assistants will be required to prepare and serve this food to first, tourist and third class passengers, as well as members of the crew.

Especially interesting is the fact that the Queen Mary will be the first ship to have an exclusive steam generating plant for its hotel services, three of the ship's 27 boilers being reserved for this purpose. These boilers will operate independently from the Queen Mary's propelling machinery supplying all electricity necessary to run the ship's kitchens, bakeries, dumb waiters, refrigerating plant and allied services. The same electric system will operate the ship's 30,000 lamps, 1,000 fans, 21 elevators and supply hot and cold water to its passenger accommodations and two swimming pools.

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