10 July 2010

A Best Loved Queen

From the column, "In New York" in The Milwaukee Journal on this day in 1935:

And there's the anecdote about the naming of a ship, specifically the Queen Mary, which will be next in size to the French Normandie.

All the vessels of the Cunard Line have borne names ending in "ia," such as the Aquitania, Mauritania [sic] and Berengaria. So this ship was to have been called the Queen Victoria, conforming to the company's custom. But plans were changed, the story goes, when a Cunard official was received by King George. "It is our wish," he said, "to name this great ship after one of our nation's best loved queens."

"The queen will be delighted, I am sure," said George.

There was nothing for the shipping man to do, since it was apparent that the king had innocently leaped to the conclusion that the vessel was to be named for his own consort. So Queen Mary it is.

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