11 July 2010

War Hardened Troops

Excerpted from The Lewiston Daily Sun in 1945:


Queen Mary, West Point Carry Most of Them

NEW YORK, July 11 -AP-More than 34,000 war-hardened troops--the largest number to return here in a single day--arrived today aboard eight transports.

Leading the flotilla were the former luxury liner Queen Mary with 14,747 passengers, and the West Point, the Navy's largest transport which carried 7,607 soldiers.

Navy planes, a blimp and a helicopter met the ships in the lower bay. A New York City fireboat sent up sprays of water in salute. Whistles and horns sounded a continuous din.

Aboard the West Point, in addition to the troops, were 33 Japanese diplomats taken into custody in Europe. In the group was Hiroshi Oshima, Japanese Ambassador to Germany. They will be placed in quarantine and then interned.

Ranging over the starboard side of the vessel were banners of the 87th Division, carrying the legend, "On To Tokyo," and of the 374th Infantry, and the Fifth Corps.

The Queen Mary carried 8,452 American troops, 88 American nurses, 11 Navy personnel, 10 American Red Cross officials, two American civilians and 33 British shipping officials in additon to 6,068 soldiers of the famed Canadian First Army, 49 Canadian nurses and 16 women members of the Canadian Army.

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