05 May 2010

Elevators Everywhere

From The Montreal Gazette on this day in 1936:

Twenty-one Elevators

In keeping with the vast size and appointments of the Cunard White Star liner, Queen Mary, an American firm has installed 21 elevators which will be operated considerably in excess of the speed at which sea-going elevators normally run. While the maximum speed, 200 feet per minute, falls short of the rate of which modern skyscraper elevators travel, yet it is much faster than the usual speed of ship elevators. Two fixed rates of speed are available, thus insuring convenience and comfort for every passenger on the Queen Mary, which arrives in New York June 1 on her maiden voyage from Southampton. Every type of accommodation on the Queen Mary has its own elevator service. With a total of eleven elevators for passenger use and two for stewards, adequate service at all times is assured. There is also an automatic service elevator, three for supplies, two for baggage, one for engineers, and one for engine room supplies.

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