24 April 2010

"Queen Mary" Bogged Down

From a syndicated AP article entitled "Roosevelt Liked His Little Jokes" in the Lewiston Evening Journal on this day in 1945:

...it was understandable why he slipped away for quiet drives in the afternoon or to a hideout in the mountains up in Maryland.

At least once he was able to shake off the Secret Service men who hover over any president. He saw the summer sky clearing after a heavy rain one afternoon at Hyde Park and ordered up his own blue touring car, a light car specially equipped with hand controls for brakes and clutch.

Mr. Roosevelt made a bee-line for the swampiest part of his 1,100 acres. The long heavy Secret Service car - so big and powerful it was called "the Queen Mary" - bogged down. The last its occupants saw of the Chief Executive for a while was a delighted grin.

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