12 April 2010

Book Early, Book Often

From the Sarasota Herald on this day in 1935:


"Book early is the best advice that can be given to the prospective traveler this year," advises F. J. Francke, local steamship agent.

"It seems," he continued, "that if people do not book early, some of them will not book at all. Transatlantic travel will hit a high stride in May, while June will find all ships filled on sailing day. The only way to be sure of going abroad in the height of the season is to book early. This is the proper way to plan for a European trip.

"The prospective traveler sometimes has the mistaken idea that traveling by ship is like traveling by train, that "there is always room for just one more." Another car can be added to a train, but a ship has no trailers, and if you don't have a reservation, you just don't go.

"Present indications point to a very successful travel season this year. Veteran travelers are booking up for Europe and a great many new ones are asking questions about where to go and how to get there.

"I believe the Queen Mary is going to create a spurt in transatlantic travel. She will make her first sailing from this side on June 5th, and will sail every two weeks thereafter. The demand for space on this great ship is unprecedented. Her running mates will be the Berengaria and Aquitania, both very popular ships.

"To get back to the book early idea: school teachers and students set a good example in this respect. They are already booked, not only here, but throughout the country. Many have paid only a deposit, not full fare, but they have their rooms and will have no travel worries to bother them for the remainder of the school term.

"In booking passengers there is no playing favorites. It is truly a case of 'first come first served' . The best available staterooms may be had for the asking. Thus early bookings mean better accommodations. The best rooms go first, naturally.

"Finally, I would say: It is too bad to plan for a year to take a trip to Europe, and then wait a week or two before sailing time to buy tickets. To avoid disappointments, book early."

Photo: Queen Mary Travel Bureau: www.sterling.rmplc.co.uk/visions/travelbureau.html

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