14 January 2011

Queen Of The Seas

This week in the history of the R. M. S. Queen Mary:

The Montreal Gazette reported January 15, 1936, that Shell Oil Company had delivered its initial load of oil to the Queen Mary:
The oil will be used in the turbo-generators employed in connection with the ship's main propelling machinery, and also for those which provide electricity for lights, steering engines, elevators, etc. The generators are powerful enough to supply electricity for a city of 150,000 inhabitants.

On January 12, 1946, The Milwaukee Journal reported the gales sweeping Britain had resulted in the loss of an ammunition ship and a delay in the arrival of the troop ship Queen Mary:
The Queen Mary, after standing off shore over night, finally made port at Southampton. The ship's 312 civilian passengers included Roberto Cordova, Mexican delegate to the United Nations assembly, and Dr. Chaim Weizmann, president of the Jewish agency for Palestine.
On January 9, 1950, British Pathe released video about the Cunard Queens:


On January 11, 1960, The Glasgow Herald reported the Cunard Line had announced its ships had carried the largest number of seagoing passengers across the Atlantic in 1959:

The Cunard Line...as in previous years...have carried 228,849, or 26 per cent. of the combined total of passengers carried by all North Atlantic and Mediterranean steamship lines. The liners Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary carried 118,000 passengers--17 per cent. of the total passengers transported across the North Atlantic.
The Caronia, Mauretania, and Britannic carried 8,000 passengers on cruises from New York.

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