03 March 2010


From an article entitled, "NAZI ESCAPE CORRIDOR NOW IS NARROWED" in the Times Daily, Florence, AL, on this day in 1942:

"The Italian radio - perhaps just on a fishing expedition - declared today the 80,733-ton British liner Queen Mary was badly damaged by a torpedo hit off Rio De Janeiro several days ago with 10,000 "North American" soldiers aboard and was trying to reach the Falkland Islands.

"The Falklands, 250 miles east of the southern tip of South America, are the site of a British base.

"There was no confirmation of the report, which the Rome broadcaster attributed to "Argentine maritime circles." The U.S. Navy Department said it had no information or comment.

"The Queen Mary has been reported in various Canadian, Asiatic, African and European ports since grey war-paint was daubed over her black hull and she sailed two years ago as a troopship from the Hudson river waterfront in New York, where she shared attention with the now-capsibed [sic] Normandie. Her vast size, however, prevented her use of the Panama Canal."

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