22 March 2010

In A Hurry

From The Glasgow Herald on this day in 1940:


Enough supplies for three months' voyage


New York, Friday.

Reports were current in New York to-day that the British liner Queen Mary, which was said to have been sighted off the New Jersey coast yesterday, is heading for Bermuda.

The Queen Mary put to sea yesterday morning a few hours after the Mauretania had sailed. There has been no news of the Mauretania since her departure.

Seamen had thought that both liners would head for Halifax (Nova Scotia) to take aboard defensive armament before sailing for Australia via Cape Horn to act as transport ships for ANZAC troops bound for the war zones.

The Queen Mary is reported to be carrying enough supplies for a three months' voyage.

The s.s. Berkshire, which arrived in Boston from Baltimore to-day, reported that she had passed the Queen Mary at midday on Thursday off the New Jersey coast. The seamen said the Queen Mary was proceeding in a south-easterly direction, traveling at a "terrific speed," which they estimated at 35 knots. - Associated Press and Exchange Telegraph.

Australian soldiers aboard Queen Mary - Australian Government Archives (public domain)

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