20 March 2010

Igcognito in Tourist Class

From Time on this day in 1939:

Back to Europe tourist class on the Queen Mary, after a few months spent practically incognito in the U. S., sailed the Dame and Seigneur of Sark (Mrs. & Mr. Robert Woodward Hathaway*). Their realm: a tiny Channel island of 600 people, smallest self-governing state of the British Empire, which was chartered in 1565 by Queen Elizabeth and has never had automobiles, politics, divorces, income taxes or crime waves. Said the Dame of Sark: "The last crime trouble we had was several years ago, when a 14-year-old girl ran off with some article from a clothesline. We told her not to do it again. There is a little jail, but I suppose it would be rather hard to get the door open now."

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