18 March 2010

Pearl White, Passenger

From the Palm Beach Post on this day in 1937:


New York World-Telegram: When the Great Garbo comes back to look us over 20 or 30 years from now, doubtless it will be an event, but we feel quite sure it won't be so stirring as the return of Pearl White on the Queen Mary the other day.

For when Pearl White was giving us her "Perils of Pauline" in the ancient, silent flickers, and they were PERILS, too, she was the one and only. No rival might aspire to be compared with her. That was the advantage of being in upon the ground floor, in the cradle of an industry. Miss Garbo and the other grand dames of the movies now have to share their laurels.

The ship news reports unkindly remarked that Miss White had gained a few pounds, and the cameras proved it. But in the memory of Pearl White extra poundage has no place. She'll always be slim and youthful and always undaunted in the affectionate memory of those who waited impatiently for the next reel of her serial to be unwound. The art goes on. But Pearl White remains.

Photo of Pearl White:

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