29 March 2010

Peer Perishes

From The Montreal Gazette in 1938:


Yachting Peer Succumbs at Sea Aboard Queen Mary

London (C.P. Cable) - The death of Baron Ashburton, a noted yachtsman, on the liner Queen Mary on Sunday was announced today. He was 71.

Returning from a two-months' visit to New York, he died of a heart attack, Lady Ashburton, the former Frances Donnelly, of New York, accompanied him.

The liner docked at Southampton today. Lord Ashburton was a descendant of Sir Francis Baring, founder of the banking firm of Baring Brothers.

One of his ancestors was Lord Ashburton who in 1842 negotiated with Daniel Webster the Ashburton treaty which ended the boundary dispute between Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec.

The title went to Alexander F. Baring, a director of Baring Brothers and son of Lord Ashburton's first wife who was a daughter of Viscount Hood.

Painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence of the first Lord Ashburton (on left): Wikipedia

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