31 March 2010

Rock and Roll Not Here to Stay

From The Miami News on this day in 1958:

Liner Stable Now
Rock and Roll Taken Out Of Queen Mary

The Associated Press

SOUTHAMPTON, England, March 31 - Marine engineers took the 81,237-ton steamship Queen Mary out to sea and deliberately rocked her as hard as they could.

They said today that they had just about taken all the seasickness out of the luxury liner.

After an overhaul costing $1,400,000, the Mary will resume her trips across the Atlantic Wednesday on the first real run with her new stabilizers. She is due in New York April 7.

The designers predicted the ship will not roll more than 3 degrees - that is 1 1/2 degrees each way. The saving in smashed dishes alone should amount to thousands of dollars a year.

In her 23 years at sea the Queen Mary has ploughed through some ferocious weather, and on occasion has rolled 30 degrees.

The big vessel was taken off Land's End for the trials yesterday, and astonished skippers of other craft reported there seemed to be a drunken driver at the wheel.

The ship was made to roll, by erratic steering and by the twin stabilizers - two fin-like protuberances under the water on either side.

Rolls of 9 degrees were attained and then, with adjustment of the stabilizers, the vessel was brought to an even keel within seconds.

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