22 February 2010

Latest in Talkie Equipment

From The Evening Citizen, Ottawa, Ontario, on this day in 1936:

Forty Miles Per Hour 'All Out,' Great Speed Of Liner 'Queen Mary'

Secret at Last Revealed, and Giant Ship Is Confidently Expected to Wrest the Blue Riband of the Atlantic From the French "Normandie," Speed for Normal Service Will Be Reduced to 29 I-2 Knots.

LONDON (By Mail). - The great secret of the Cunard-White Star liner Queen Mary - her speed - is now revealed.

When she makes her maiden voyage across the Atlantic on May 27, the Queen Mary will average thirty-four knots - the highest speed ever attained by a commercial ship.

Even that will not be her maximum speed. Driven all out, the twenty-seven boilers and sixteen turbines will be capable of thrusting the Queen Mary's 73,000-ton bulk through the water at the equivalent of slightly more than forty miles an hour.

Confidently Expected to Beat Normandie's Record.

It is confidently expected that the blue riband will be won from the Normandie. The ship's speed for normal service will then be reduced to 29 1/2 knots.

The anchor chains for the Queen Mary, the biggest ever forged, were hoisted on board the other day. Each link has a circumference of fifteen inches, and is strengthened by a welded stud.

A stamp on every link shows that it has been thoroughly tested by an officer of the Board of Trade. The total weight of chain stowed in the ship's bows will be 150 tons.

Latest in Talkie Equipment.

The cinema installation - the sign that the liner is nearly complete - arrived at Clydebank recently. It is one of the most up-to-date talkie machines produced, and is similar to the units supplied to the big West End theaters.

Special precautions are taken to prevent unauthorized persons straying about the ship.

As each section of the accommodation is completed, it is virtually closed to all except shipyard executives and owners' representatives.

A system of permits has been introduced for the workmen, whereby each man will be confined to the particular part of the ship where he is working.

Machinery Tests

If he leaves, he will be challenged by a yard detective. This precaution has been taken to prevent damage to, or interference with, the valuable fittings in the public rooms and living quarters.

The machinery, which was intensively tested, has been examined for any possible flaw. Both main engines and auxiliaries have come through their trials with complete success, and the propellers have been recoupled.

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