27 February 2010

If You Say So

From "News Behind the News - The National Whirligig" in The Evening Independent of St. Petersberg, FL, on this day in 1937:

SIT-DOWN. King Edward may be dead, politically, but the gallant spirit of his kingship moves through the lower decks of the ship named in honor of his mother - the Queen Mary.

The former king, as every informed person knows, did not lose his scepter over Mrs. Simpson. She was simply an occasion and a pretext. Britain's invisible government - the great economic interests - forced him out because they feared that they could not control him. And it was his comments upon dedicating the Queen Mary which first aroused their fears and suspicion.

The then king rambled through the great liner. He noted the comforts and luxuries provided for paying passengers, and contrasted them with the crews' quarters, where the sailors had to stand while they ate their food and drank their grog. This and similar comments cost Edward his crown, but they forced the Cunard line to install seats for its sailors. Thus Edward appears to have been a sit-down monarch in a big way!

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