28 January 2010

What's in a Name...

From the Pittsburgh Press on this day in 1934:

No Name Yet For New Ship
75,000-Ton Cunard Liner Merely Known as No. 534 in Yards

Contrary to reports the new 75,000-ton super-liner now being built for the Cunard Line has not yet been named, according to H.P. Borer, general passenger manager. The ship's official title for the time being is simply No. 534.

"We have not yet selected a name," said Mr. Borer yesterday, "and no name will be selected until a short time before we are ready to launch the new liner, which will be the world's largest ship.

"Our early ships all had names ending in 'ia,' beginning with the Britannia in 1840. We deviated from this termination a few times in the early history of the company, but not since the Gallia was built in 1879--55 years ago--have we had a ship whose name did not end in 'ia.' We have had 60 ships with these terminating syllables.

"Some have insisted that the new ship will be called the Victoria, as we never had a ship of this name. Britannia is also a strong favorite. All our ships have been named for places with the exception of the Berengaria, named for a queen, the wife of Richard the Lion-Hearted."

Photo of Berengaria:

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  1. well she arrived in Muscat - and drew the crowds - heres my take