03 January 2010

Moderate Costs Prevail

From the "Ships and Travel" column in The Montreal Gazette on this day in 1936:

Bookings are Heavy

Actual bookings may be made for all scheduled sailings of the Queen Mary, with the exception of the de luxe space, on the ship's maiden voyage, for which many hundreds of applications in excess of the ship's capacity have been received, it was announced yesterday by Arthur Randles, general passenger manager for Canada of Cunard White Star Limited.

All departments of Cunard White Star Limited have been holding hundreds of applications for space for many months awaiting decision as to rates for the respective classes. The schedule of rates indicate that moderate costs are going to prevail on the new superliner. According to present plans, the Queen Mary will carry 735, 760 and 580 in the three respective classes--a total of 2,075 passengers.

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