13 January 2010

Economically Sound

From the San Jose News on this day in 1936:


Seeing pictures of the British super-liner, the "Queen Mary," which will be commissioned next year, and recalling the exploits of the "Normandie" of France and the "Rex" of Italy, people of the United States may well wonder why their own government does not build a big craft to compete with these super-vessels of other nations, particularly since half or two-thirds of the people who travel on these boats will probably be Americans.

It is possible, of course, that construction of such boats is not economically sound. If not, then we should not build one. Certainly, however, it would be well for us to increase the strength of our position in maritime commerce. We may not be able to go back to our position in the old clipper ship days, when our boats were the marvel of the world and dominated sea traffic everywhere. At least, however, we should not be as far down on the list as we are today.

Photo of S.S. Rex:

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