06 January 2010

Amusing Anecdote

From a column entitled, "Bon Voyage," in the Pittsburgh Press newspaper on this day in 1967:

NEW YORK- A young woman recently boarded the Queen Mary to wish her aunt a good voyage. She asked the purser for her aunt's cabin and was directed to No 268.

When she got there, the cabin was empty. But in time, by tracing laughter and the popping of champagne corks, she found her way to C-122 in which her aunt, her father, other relatives and old friends were celebrating the sailing.

The party was at its height when a gentleman walked in and identified himself as a Mr. Russell. "This is my room," he said, displaying a ticket marked C-122. The aunt blushed and dug in her bag. She then came up with her ticket, also marked C-122 and brightly said: "Well, Mr. Russell, I guess I'm your roomie."

Mr. Russell pondered this for a moment and replied: "That's very nice, but...ah...have you seen my wife?"

Things got straightened out in time, the party was transferred to its rightful cabin, C-268, and one of the relatives commenting on how the British had mixed up the bookings, declared: "That's how they lost the empire."


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