27 December 2009

An All-Electric Ship

From the Pittsburgh Press on this day in 1938:


Machinery Being Installed in White Star Ship

By The United Press
CLYDEBANK, Dec. 27--Work on the installation of the machinery in the Cunard-White Star liner Queen Elizabeth is proceeding actively.

The fitting out of the vessel is six months in advance of the work in the Queen Mary at the time of its launching in 1934. The passenger accommodation in all sections is nearly complete. Woodwork is set and the public rooms are in a more advanced state than has ever been attained in a big ship at a similar state of development.

Powerful cranes are hoisting sections of the boilers and engines, which are being built up by an army of skilled nengineers.

The task of furnishing is also proceeding apace. Many miles of curtains, carpets, hangings and floor coverings are being placed. Tons of blankets and towels have arrived.

Facilities for the passengers include a theater and tree cinemas, an elaborate shopping center, banks, tourist bureau and telephone and telegraphic services. Special rooms are to be provided on one of the upper decks, where passengers will be able to make and receive calls to and from any part of the world.

Public rooms in the tourist section include a dining salon, lounge, smoking room, cocktail bar, gymnasium, swimming pool, library, and drawing-room. There also is a well-equipped nursery for young children. The theater has been so arranged that it can be used by tourist and cabin passengers.

Third-class passengers will have a special promenade and sun lounge on the forward end of the main sports deck. A lift will lead to it. Third-class rooms are exceptionally large and well ventilated, and all will have hot and cold running water.

The Queen Elizabeth will be an all-electric ship. About 4000 miles of wire and 30,000 lamps are being fitted. All the tasks in the galleys will be performed electrically.

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