07 November 2009

Welcome Aboard

From The Age, Melbourne, Australia, on this day in 1947:

Crew Returns to Queen Mary

LONDON, Nov. 6 (A.A.P.).
A meeting of 300 of the Queen Mary's crew to-day decided to return to the ship.

The secretary of the seamen's rank and file committee (Mr. Pat Murphy) told the meeting that the men who had won their "negotiating platform" and the strikers' demands for lay representation on the negotiating committee had been granted. He added there would be no victimisation of strikers at any port.

With docking fees amounting to 3000 [GBP] a day, in addition to the cost of tugs standing by and extra food, it is estimated the Queen Mary's delay has already cost the company about 5000 [GBP].

More than 1000 seamen marched through Liverpool to herald the end of the 12-day unofficial Merseyside strike.

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