25 October 2009

Operation Harlow

From The Spokesman, Spokane, Washington, on this day in 1964:

'Harlow' Is Rehearsed on Liner

ABOARD THE R.M.S. QUEEN MARY - Joseph E. Levine's "Operation Harlow" has gotten into full swing aboard this giant ocean liner as Carroll Baker, who will be transformed into Jean Harlow for her arrival in Southampton, has captured the attention of passengers and crew.

During her first day at sea, Miss Baker was photographed and interviewed by representatives of newspapers and magazines from Germany, France, Italy, England and the United States. Television crews making the unique trans-Atlantic voyage with film and sound equipment worked with Miss Baker in her stateroom on the promenade deck.

All of Miss Baker's free time is being spent in studying the mannerisms, habits, voice inflection, style of dress and make-up of Jean Harlow. She will make her first appearance as Harlow at the "Captain's Gala" dinner and dance in her honor the night prior to the Queen Mary's arrival in Southampton.

Joseph E. Levine will start production of "Harlow" at Paramount Studios in Hollywood Nov. 28.

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