30 October 2009

Life in the Big City

From the Toledo Blade, Toledo, OH, on this day in 1948:

Woman's Voyage Canceled by Thief
From the Blade Correspondent
VAN WERT, O., Oct. 30 - Mrs. Harry Thomas, Jr., was back home in Van Wert today after the theft of luggage, tickets and passport in New York City a few minutes before she was to sail for England.

A thief had pried open an automobile door while Mrs. Thomas was eating after she had left her hotel to board the liner Queen Mary. She was forced to cancel her planned visit with her parents in England.


  1. I'm so enjoying all these posts on the Queen Mary. I check in often and much admire all that you are doing with the Queen.

    I hate to bother you with a question, but Tugster has posted a question that I'd like to answer. On her last voyage, #516, she stopped in New York on her way to Long Beach. Do you know the date? Thanks ver much.

  2. Hi Maggie! Thanks for following the site...not sure who Tugster is...I assume by "she" you mean the Queen Mary. The ship left Southampton on 10/31 & it would have taken the usual time to get to New York, which was about five days. Is that the info you needed? Hope so! Take care. kadycee