04 August 2009

Trend Setter

From the Sydney Morning Herald on this day in 1936:


Influence on Fashion


Handbags, buttonholes, hats, and frocks have "gone to sea" in London. The giant liner Queen Mary is responsible.

It is now fashionable to own a liner-handbag. The most popular are shaped and coloured to resemble the Queen Mary herself. My own handbag looks like this.

The bottom is black leather; the top quarter is white leather with holes punched to resemble portholes. The clasp is three red funnels. From the centre funnel to the front of the bag is a silver chain bearing a miniature anchor.

Sailor Hats.

In keeping with these bags are the new round sailor hats. These are like American sailor caps, and are worn in wool-and-silk mixtures of all colours, as well as in white pique. The little hats are exceptionally becoming and are splendid for motoring, as it is impossible for them to blow away.

Frocks show the same trend. Heavy white silk or pique sailor-dresses with square collars are being displayed for tennis wear; while Queen Mary blue, a soft bluey-green seawater colour, is a new favourite for organdie blouses.

For traveling there are new silk-covered rubber-lined zip-fastened toilet bags, decorated with a gay design of seagulls and minature liners.

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