15 August 2009

New Record

From the Ludington Daily News, Ludington, MI, on this day in 1938:

Queen Mary Sets New East Record

Southampton, Eng., Aug. 15. - AP - Three days, 20 hours and 42 minutes is the new speed record for eastward crossing of the Atlantic by boat.

The liner Queen Mary of the Cunard White Star line made it in that time from Ambrose Light off New York to Bishops Rock, Seilly Islands, where she arrived at 1:42 p.m. Sunday to capture the Atlantic blue ribbon from the French Line's Normandie.

The average speed was 31.69 knots for 2,938 miles. The average to Cherbourg (3,094 miles from New York) was a bit better, 31.72 knots and Capt. R.B. Irving felt this should stand as the liner's record. The time to Cherbourg was four days, two hours, 37 minutes. (Cunard White Star officials announced the Bishop's Rock record).

Her time to the rock clipped one hour and 25 minutes from the Normandie's best time. The Queen Mary also had bettered by one hour and 14 minutes the westward record of the Normandie, her pennant rival of the last two years, with a 30.99 knot average for three days, 21 hours and 48 minutes to Ambrose Light.

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